Checking For Understanding

This session introduces online and technology tools to help facilitate checking for understanding in today’s technologically impacted classroom.

Checking for understanding is a great way to find out where your students are at, and there are several formative ways to check for understanding that have been proven to work in any classroom.  This session will showcase ways to check for understanding using technology or online tools to help any teacher with their formative assessment of their class.

Whether a teacher is blending online learning, flipping their class, or implementing one to one or new technology in their classroom, checking for understanding is still one of the best ways to ensure that students are learning the content.  With a good checking for understanding arsenal a teacher can immediately adjust their teaching to meet the needs of the student(s).  The resources shared are all freely available and should be accessible at all school sites.

Mike Magboo is the IT Director at Le Grand Union High School District, a small rural district in California's Central Valley.  He is also a Technology Coach, Father, Husband, and all around good guy.  Mike has been a teacher for over 15 years.

Checking for Understanding in the Digital Age

Resources covered in the presentation:

Google Docs

Poll Everywhere

Question Press

eClicker Host


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