Engaging Students in a 1:1 School

This is an overview of the resources, applications, and strategies that Le Grand High School and the teachers are doing/using to engage students, provide resources, and prepare students for Common Core. This is a work in progress.  In the Fall 2012 semester, Le Grand High moved to a complete one-to-one iPad/Netbook model.  iPads were distributed to Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors.  All Seniors received netbooks.

This was presented at the ETC! 2013 Conference.  The presenters were Mike Magboo and Alison Lopez.  Mike can be reached at mmagboo@ lghs.k12.ca.us, @allurbaser on Twitter, and Mike.Magboo on Google +.  Alison can be reached at alopez@ lghs.k12.ca.us and @alopezlg on Twitter.

Links to Presentation and Presentation Videos:

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way Video (Slide 2 Video)

LGHS Student Created Videos (Slide 9 Video)